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Krabi Reza

Liquids are Matter

Posted on 2008.01.23 at 09:27

A liquid, on the other hand, is more malleable than a solid.  You can pour a liquid, such as water, from one container to another, and in each case the water will take on the shape of its container.  However, the liquid will always have the same volume - if you pour 100 mL of water from a bowl to a beaker, the water will still be precisely 100 mL in volume. 

Molecule movement in a liquid.
Movements of particles in a liquid.  Notice that the particles change
position, breaking and reforming intermolecular bonds in the process. 

Liquids are present at higher temperatures than solids.  At these temperatures, the random kinetic energy of the constituent particles begins to override the intermolecular forces and the particles begin to change orientation.  The intermolecular forces are strong enough to keep the molecules close together (in the same volume), but they do not prevent the molecules from moving around, allowing the substance to change shape. 

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